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Professor Toby Jenkins returns to Bryanston for SciSoc talk

Bryanston welcomed Professor Toby Jenkins back to the School late last week as part of the Science Society speaker programme. In what was his third visit to the School, Professor Jenkins spoke at length about bacterial infections and focused particularly on wounds, bladders and babies.

Professor Jenkins started the evening with a short summary of his academic career and a plug for Bath University before delving into the topic of developing technology for the diagnosis of infection. Professor Jenkins then investigated the size of pathogens and remarked that we live in symbiosis of bacteria, which is needed for digestion and other processes, and that infection is an imbalance in the number of bacteria.

In his very interesting and detailed lecture, Professor Jenkins covered three main topics: wound infection, the use of catheters and Neonatal Strep Group B infections as he led pupils in the Science Society deeper into the field of bacterial study.

This was another informative talk from the Science Society programme; we look forward to the next where we welcome Alfredo Carpineti to the School in May.