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Members of the Science Society attend seminar hosted by Wolfgang Grulke

Last Friday, members of the science society were lucky enough to attend a seminar hosted by Wolfgang Grulke. Wolfgang has conducted research in the field of fossils and has written numerous books on the subject with titles such as Beyond Extinction.The seminar was centred around climate change and the continuity of life which engaged the audience throughout and challenged the pupils to think in depth about topics which are very relevant to the present day.

Probing deep into the areas of climate change and the continuity of life, the seminar raised questions such as ‘what is time?’ and ‘is eternal life possible?’. Other prominent themes revolved around extinction, the evolution of the ocean’s biggest creatures and the importance of fossils in understanding the history of life.

Seminars like these allow pupils to broaden their understanding of the subjects studied in class. Pupils also have the opportunity to read more about these topics through the Beyond Extinction book in the biology library.