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Bryanston pupil enjoys summer placement with JP Morgan

During the summer holidays, Adam S completed a one-week work experience placement with JP Morgan.  

Adam was selected from hundreds of applicants and many of them were older than him. The placement was open to pupils aged 14-18 and when Adam started his placement, he was just 14 years old and 2 weeks!

Before being offered his placement, Adam was tasked to submit his CV and to undergo a video interview. He was asked two questions at interview and given only 15 seconds to think of an answer, before having up to two minutes to provide his response. Adam was not told what these questions would be prior to the interview, so he was limited in how he could prepare.

Adam was asked the following questions:

  1. What would you like to get out of work experience?
  2. As a bank, why is it important that we do the right thing? 

When asked what his response was to these questions, Adam commented: “I am looking forward to working with different people, different ages and backgrounds in a completely new environment” and “as a bank you need to have integrity because people trust you with their money, so it’s important to do the right thing.”

Adam was guided by a mentor during the placement and enjoyed taking part in structured courses on practical skills, covering resume writing and interview techniques. He particularly enjoyed networking with managers and recent graduates, as well as delivering a presentation at the end of the week to discuss his experience with JP Morgan.

Jack Dickson, Adam’s Housemaster, commented: “Congratulations to Adam for securing and successfully completing a work experience placement at JP Morgan. This is a huge achievement – and one that Adam has modestly taken in his stride.”