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A boost for skateboarding at Bryanston

On Sunday 9 June we welcomed OB Geoff Else and his skateboard school, Team Rubicon, to Bryanston for a memorable day of skateboarding coaching sessions and demonstrations. 

Team Rubicon, comprising Geoff and two very accomplished skateboarders Craig and Peter, led three coaching sessions throughout the day aimed at different ability ranges. They also showcased their own extraordinary skills in a lunchtime demonstration.

In total, 50 pupils took part in the coaching sessions and it was amazing to see the progress they made, particularly the beginners who became confident enough to try a few basic tricks in just 45 minutes. Many of these beginners returned later in the day for further practice, including a number of girls who had not previously considered skateboarding and have now requested a skateboarding ECA of their own next year.

Bryanston’s more experienced skaters were thrilled to have three top skaters arrange the School’s home-built equipment to perform a range of stunning tricks on the boxes, ramps and halfpipe. Team Rubicon also shared ideas and tips with pupils to improve their own techniques and skills to perform more challenging moves. Congratulations to Ben M (A3) and Mick P (D) who were successful in performing a number of the tricks demonstrated by the pros.

Thank you to Team Rubicon for sharing their time and experience with our pupils, whose quotes below demonstrate how much they enjoyed the day.

Blake R (A3 and experienced skater): 
“It was great to see everyone skating and having fun with the professional skaters. Everyone was trying different tricks together and, a lot of the time, landing the tricks with the help of the pros.”

Poppy T (A3 and new skater):
“I had so much fun skateboarding. After having never tried it before I managed a couple of tricks (which I never thought I’d be able to do) and really enjoyed the day. I still have a long way to go but have already made plans for a friend to teach me over summer as I really want to get better now!”

Hannah M (A3 and new skater):
“I absolutely loved it and I really felt like I understood why skateboarding is fun!”

Marha M (A3 and new skater):
"It was so amazing to have the opportunity to try something completely new and all the coaches were so helpful. It was so impressive to see all the tricks you can learn. I am so excited about the new skate park and I do hope that more girls will use the opportunity to try something new! Thank you so much for making this happen!"

See more photos from the day in our online photo gallery.