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Bryanston Knighton House introduces a new tutoring system

Bryanston Knighton House has introduced a new one-to-one tutoring system.

In the pursuit of prep school innovation, Bryanston Knighton House has introduced its new tutoring system for Years 6, 7 and 8.

Following the well-established Bryanston Method, our staff and pupils are pioneering one-to-one tutorials for 11 to 13-year-olds. Boys and girls now have their own advocate, mentor and champion to walk by their side for the rest of their prep school journey.

Headmaster Will Lockett explains the positive impact the new tutoring system has on Bryanston Knighton House pupils: “Having worked within a similar approach at Bryanston senior, I have seen first-hand the immeasurable value and progress that this model can provide. In both academic and pastoral pursuits, this system is an excellent way of building enduring relationships and keeping a steady course for every pupil.

“We adhere to the saying that it takes a ‘village to raise a child’; tutors are our link between families and the school. This connection harbours the nurturing environment that will help each child take every opportunity that Bryanston has to offer.”

The tutor and pupil ‘Sorting Hat’ aims to connect the child with the teacher who will best enable the individual spirit, creative learning and unbounded thinking of their tutee.

The Responsibilities of the tutor

The role of the tutor will be to oversee the progress of their tutorial pupils, in both what and how they learn, and to be their first line of pastoral support. 

  • Advising on how they plan and prioritise their workload
  • Acting as the pupil’s advocate in difficult situations
  • Helping to build organisational skills
  • Discussing activity choices and helping them to choose a balance of these
  • Checking in – a further friendly face in day-to-day interactions at school
  • Encouraging a growth mindset through the learning dispositions
  • Celebrating the wins – big and small

Will added: “I have seen for myself how these relationships, built over several years, can have a fundamental impact on a child’s progress. The trust that develops between pupil, tutor and parents is the foundation to navigating the transition into teenage years. It does not happen overnight; as in many areas of education, this takes dedication and collaboration from the team around the child.

“In only a few weeks, pupils are telling me what they think of our new tutor system, and I have outlined their feedback below.”


“I like how Mrs W helps me decide which disposition to focus on in the week ahead.”


“I have felt a lot more positive since the 1:1 tutorials have started.”


“It’s like there’s someone to talk to whenever you need to.”


“They get to know you well, like a real person.”


“If you’re shy, it’s easier to communicate and build your confidence talking to grown-ups.”