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Bryanston Knighton House string players are stars in the making

Our music links have flourished this term thanks to Bryanston’s Head of Strings Mrs Scott.

Mrs Scott is teaching our A1s the violin for an hour on five Saturday mornings throughout the term. Pupils have learnt specialist warm ups, the names of strings, how to play pizzicato and arco, how to hold and rosin the bow, and how to play two complete pieces as an ensemble.

Wilf, Erica and Evie (who have already had some years of individual violin lessons) played countermelodies and inspired from the front. Scintillating professional performances played close by Mrs Scott at the end of each session guaranteed awe and respect for all violinists.

Three of our A1s have been talent-spotted to begin individual violin lessons, so we and their senior schools will benefit in the future.