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2019 Photo Gallery

  1. JPG File
    RS28555_Amadea DG A2 Ceramic installation -lpr
  2. JPG File
    RS28556_Amadea DG A2 Paper clay sculpture-lpr
  3. JPG File
    RS28557_Bernard K A2 Laser cut installation-lpr
  4. JPG File
    RS28558_Jasmine S A2 Plaster and dried flowers sculpture -lpr
  5. JPG File
    RS28559_Lauren H A2 Ceramic sculpture, ballon and fabric dipped in paper clay slip-lpr
  6. JPG File
    RS28560_Lauren H A2 Plaster and tights installation-lpr
  7. JPG File
    RS28561_Paris S A2 Mixed media with dried flowers installation -lpr
  8. JPG File
    RS28562_Poppy M A2 Paper installation -lpr
  9. JPG File
    RS28563_Saffi RB A2 Plaster wire and wool installation -lpr
  10. JPG File
    RS28565_Tom P A2 Plaster and wool installation-lpr
  11. JPG File
    RS28566_Amber L A2 Mixed media-lpr
  12. JPG File
    RS28567_Amber W A2 Ink and bleach on paper-lpr
  13. JPG File
    RS28568_Ariane S A2 Mixed media-lpr
  14. JPG File
    RS28569_Charley M A2 Mixed media on perspex-lpr
  15. JPG File
    RS28570_Charlotte T A2 Ink and bleach on paper
  16. JPG File
    RS28571_Ellie S A2 Mixed media on perspex-lpr
  17. JPG File
    RS28572_Hal C A2 Mixed media-lpr
  18. JPG File
    RS28573_Hebe W A2 Mixed media-lpr
  19. JPG File
    RS28574_Hugo R A2 Mixed media on card-lpr
  20. JPG File
    RS28575_Kitty E A2 Oil on canvas-lpr
  21. JPG File
    RS28576_Lou H A2 Mixed media-lpr
  22. JPG File
    RS28577_Martha A A2 Charcoal on paper-lpr
  23. JPG File
    RS28578_Miles W A2 Triptych gouache paint on board-lpr
  24. JPG File
    RS28579_Molly CS Mixed media-lpr
  25. JPG File
    RS28580_Poppy M A2 Stained glass
  26. JPG File
    RS28581_Silva C A2 Mixed media-lpr
  27. JPG File
    RS28582_Zeynep K A2 Watercolour-lpr
  28. JPG File
    RS28564_Saffi RB A2 Slip cast bottle ceramic sculpture-lpr