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Bryanston Knighton House’s Senior Choir give tear-jerking debut performance

In common with all except the professional choirs, our 50-year tradition of choral excellence has been wiped out by Covid.

With this in mind, there were several adults wiping away a tear this morning when our Senior (auditioned) Choir gave their debut performance.

‘Sing’ (composed by Gary Barlow for the Commonwealth in 2012) includes these lyrics: ‘to sing we’ve had a life time to wait… make some noise, find your voice tonight.’ Buoyed by their success, the choir now have four short rehearsals to learn their anthem for the Advent Service.

Our Rock Band last year was legendary, but this year’s Alphas have set a superb challenge to exceed them with their first performance of ‘Meet me at our Spot’, featuring Isabella on bass, Daisy T on guitar, Hattie on keyboards, Hawa and Elinor on vocals, led by the extraordinary Mr Baker on drums.

Our Junior Choir delighted with a spirited rendition of ‘Conkers’, including actions. They must now work really hard to learn their Advent anthem in only two short rehearsals.

Five music candidates are redoubling their daily practice efforts to crescendo towards their exam date at the end of November, so we hope to enjoy some of their solos in Friday morning performances soon.