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Bryanston Parents' Association welcomes Lucinda Miller

This year’s annual Bryanston Parents' Association talk was given by nutritionist Lucinda Miller on the all-important issue of feeding the teenage brain.

Leading child nutritionist Lucinda Miller gave this year’s annual BPA talk, focusing on healthy eating for teenagers. With the support of the latest medical research, Lucinda demonstrated how our diet has a direct bearing on our gut health and inflammation which, in turn, impacts our mental health and behaviour and learning.

To ensure happy, healthy teenagers, we need to avoid fake foods, ultra-processed foods and dehydration – research has proved a link with many of today’s modern diseases including stress, infections and trauma - and ensure that we provide good home cooking with a broad spectrum of healthy ingredients, as well as encouraging exercise and sleep. A child’s brain and body development continues until they are well into their twenties, so what they eat now lays the foundations of their future health.