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Bryanston pupils visit Human Performance Lab

Bryanston has strong links with Bath University, both with their sports undergraduate degree courses and the Human Performance Lab (HPL) at Team Bath.

In the autumn term A2 pupils are given a guided tour the Athlete’s Training Village and undergo a series of assessments designed to measure their cardiovascular endurance, their strength and their flexibility. Two of these tests, the Direct Gas Analysis test and the Wingate Test, are carried out by the physiologists at Team Bath and take place in the HPL.

The Direct Gas Analysis measures a pupil's maximal aerobic capacity. Pupils complete the test on a treadmill wearing a face mask linked to a computer that analyses the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their expired air. They also wear a heart rate monitor to check at which exercise intensity they reach her maximum value.

The Wingate Test measures a pupil's dynamic strength. This test shows a pupil's peak power output, the time it takes for them to reach peak power and their percentage power drop in a 30-second time scale.