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Last week two teams of Bryanston mathematicians in C gathered with 10 other teams at South Wiltshire Grammar School to gorge themselves on six rounds of mathematical problems.

Round 1 (matching algebra cards ) saw Romsey School take an early lead. In Rounds 2 and 3 (comparison and comprehension skills) South Wilts A flexed their intellectual muscles and came out top after winning both rounds, leaving Bryanston B (George Duckett, Rory Highnam, Osman Umur and Sam Austin) tied for third place with South Wilts B.

After the interval, and revived by biscuits and squash, Bryanston A (Bertie Ellison-Wright, Lotte Thomas, Alice Pyke and Gabby Fickling) came back from 5th place with a great performance in the main problem-solving Round 4 to take the lead.

Round 5 was an origami task, making Columbus cubes - these are cubes with one corner missing. Bryanston A and South Wilts A both managed to manufacture four cubes each, with Bryanston seconds away from making a fifth before time ran out. This left Bryanston A with 102 points, South Wilts A on 100 and South Wilts B on 99 points going into the final fast-paced round. A crucial error by Bryanston A cost them their time bonus, allowing South Wilts A victory by just four points. Bryanston B rallied to move up to third place.

Congratulations to both teams, and to Bryanston A for receiving the award for Best Teamwork Skills.