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Summer term LAMDA results come in as best ever

Results have come in from last term's LAMDA exams, with fantastic achievements from our pupils.

Congratulations to all of our pupils who took their LAMDA exam in the summer term. Everyone passed with Merit or Distinction and we had a grand total of fifteen distinctions across the different levels. 

At Bronze Grade 6 and Grade 5 we had a particularly large number of distinctions, including Katia MC with 91/100 marks and Grace B and Serena F with 89/100 marks. They were closely followed by Rose M, Gabriella S and Poppy T on 88/100. 

Miss McNeill also came in with a wonderful 95/100 marks, closely followed by Mr McClary with 90/100 marks, both at Gold Medal level. 

Grade 5:

  • Solo: Katrina K, Gabriella S
  • Duo: Serena F and Poppy T, Saskia L and Rose M, Rosanagh B and Laura L, Kalika K and Dorothy D

Grade 6:

  • Solo: Alexandra C
  • Duo: Letitia H and Jemma S, Katia MC and Grace B, Isobel L and Poppy P

Grade 8:

  • Solo:  Miss McNeil, Mr McClary. 

Very well done to all candidates and to their brilliant mentors.