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Pupils visit CASS Foundation Sculpture Park

Last week a group of 60 C pupils studying 2D and 3D art for GCSE went to the CASS Foundation Sculpture Park in Goodwood.

The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness of art in the environment and to kick start a new project. Pupils were asked to research where they were going beforehand, both visually and with some written work, and then they were given a worksheet to do on the day. They also spent time sketching some of the sculptures over the course of the day. 

There was an initial talk given about the foundation, its history with the Cass family, including information on the prices of some of the sculptures, the most expensive being worth £750,000.

The pupils enjoyed perfect weather and really enjoyed the trip. They produced some great work, which they have now started to mount up on planning sheets in class.

View the full gallery of images from the trip here.