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Booking music lessons (existing parents)

Please book lessons for September by Saturday 21 August.

Charge: £325 per term per instrument. Music tuition charges do not apply to Music Scholars or Exhibitioners.

Will your child be hiring a school instrument?***

**Instruments are available for hire at £30 per term. Please note, this maintenance charge also applies to bookings for piano, drum kit and percussion lessons.


 GradeYear takenTerm takenMarkResult (pass, merit, distinction, etc.)
Most recent examination


 GradeYear takenTerm takenMarkResult (pass, merit, distinction, etc.)
Most recent exam

Please note that if music lessons are to be discontinued, or changed from one instrument to another, notice must be submitted using the cancellation and booking form in this section.

Notice to discontinue music lessons must be received by half term (or 1st August for the end of the academic year). Failing this, the tuition fee for the following term is payable.

By returning this form you are agreeing to the notice periods set out in the T&Cs at the bottom of the form.

If you would like further information about music lessons or help with completing this form, please email the music department at
Please ensure that you only submit one form per child.

Terms and Conditions

Music lessons are normally charged at £325 per term, based on an average of ten music lessons opportunities of 35 mins each per term. Should pupils have received fewer than 30 lesson opportunities per school year then the final bill will be adjusted at the end of the Summer term. Scholars and Exhibitioners are not charged.

Notice Periods
Music lessons can only be discontinued or changed from one instrument to another at the end of a term. If music lessons are to be discontinued, notice must be sent to the Music Department by the end of the half-term holiday using the cancellation form on the parents’ tab of the Bryanston webpage:

If the deadline is missed, the tuition charge for the next term is payable, due to contractual commitments to the music teachers.
For summer, the deadline for cancellations is seven days before the start of the Autumn term.

Practical Exams
These are not compulsory but a useful addition to the curriculum and a means of tracking progress. Exams are accredited by various exam boards, including ABRSM, Trinity, RGT and others. The Music Department handles the organisation and registration for exams; any fees are added to the pupil bill at the end of the term. Under exam board rules, if a pupil withdraws from an exam, they forfeit the entry fee unless a doctor’s note is produced to prove medical reasons.

Instrument Hire
Instruments are available for hire at £30 per term. This charge is also applicable for piano, drum kit and percussion for the maintenance of these specific instruments.
Pupils hiring instruments are assuming care for these instruments. It is expected that instruments are returned in good condition, especially if instruments have been removed from school during holidays. Costs for damage to instruments due to negligence can be charged to the pupil at the discretion of the School.
Guitars can only be hired for the D year as it is more cost effective to buy a guitar for longer tuition periods.

Special Schemes for year D:

Scheme A – Lessons are the same as regular music lessons in years C-A2. The notice period above applies. Pupils can have tuition in more than one instrument. Pupils cannot drop music lessons during the D year.
Pupils in D can receive lessons without charge for one term for the indicated orchestral instruments if they have had three terms or more of tuition on that instrument and are continuing it at Bryanston School. This is on the condition that they are a member of a school instrumental ensemble and attend the relevant rehearsals (and associated concert/s). The School reserves the right to reinstate charges if the pupil does not attend sufficient ensemble rehearsals. Ensembles will be allocated in September. If the School cannot allocate an ensemble, the pupil will not be charged.

Scheme B – For one of the instruments included under the scheme, pupils in D receive half lessons for the D year without charge. Pupils cannot drop music lessons during the D year, but can switch to an instrument on Scheme A. Any change of instruments in the upcoming term needs to be communicated to school before the end of half-term.
Lessons are either taught as half periods or in pairs. A school hire instrument will be provided at no cost.

Concert Dress
All pupils in D are involved in at least one concert. Concert dress for all years is smart all black.
• School regulation black trousers/skirt and black shirt/blouse.
• Black dress (short or long sleeved) or black suit with black shirt, no tie.
• Black smart shoes and black socks or black opaque tights.