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Bry Sportfest

Bry Sportfest

31 May 2020, 11am–5pm

The Bryanston family is warmly invited to a day of celebration of sport and wellbeing at Bryanston.

Come back and play your favourite game or sport or have a go at something new!


Tickets include access to all activities, afternoon BBQ and refreshments throughout the day and prices can be seen below:

Over 18s - £15.50

Under 18s and current pupils - Free

Note: After booking your tickets, you will be asked to indicate which activities you are interested in and we will confirm everything with you closer to the event. 


You can also follow the action and join in through our hashtag #brysportfest

Note: After booking your tickets, you will be asked to indicate which activities you are interested in and we will confirm everything with you closer to the event. 


Registration and information desk 

The registration and information desk will be located near the car parking area and guests should have their tickets scanned on arrival.The desk will be manned throughout the day to help ensure the Bry Sportfest day is enjoyable as possible. Lost property, lost people and schedule updates can all be found here.

First Aid 

In line with statutory requirements, we will have a first aid point where you can seek medical assistance should you or someone you know fee unwell. If you need any help at all during the day, please alert the nearest staff member or event steward.

What kit do I need? 

Some sports need specialist equipment such as tennis, hockey, squash, etc and this will be indicated in your joining letter. Please dress for an active day outdoors. Bringing sunscreen and a hat is probably a good idea. Suitable shoes and clothing for your chosen activities. Team bibs or colours will be provided where applicable. 

How do I volunteer to be a steward? 

We need some volunteers to help us on the day. To find out more about the opportunities available, contact Amanda Lovejoy on

Can I bring family and friends? 

Yes, as this is a ticketed event, family and friends are most welcome to join us for a fun day out at Bryanston.

Can anyone take part in the Last Breaker? 

Yes! The Last Breaker will be the final activity scheduled for the day and everyone is welcome to take part. The route will be across gentle but uneven terrain and is a fun close to the day, to be taken at your own pace. 

Can I bring my dog? 

Well behaved dogs are welcome. Suitable waste bins are located around the School so don't forget to bring poo bags please.

What is the policy on alcohol? 

Alcohol and sport don't mix. Current pupils must abide by the School rules. No alcohol before participating in any activity, team or water sports and in particular, but not limited to, the following:
Climbing, football, kayaking, rowing, squash, tennis, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby and swimming.
Please drink responsibly and be sensitive to the use of alcohol around young people and on School premises. In the interests of everyone having a fun and enjoyable time, staff and volunteers will refuse play at their own discretion.

What refreshments are provided? 

The School has a number of water fountains located around the premises and in addition we will provide a limited amount of soft drinks and snacks during the day. A BBQ, beer and Pimms will be provided at 4pm and is included in the ticket price.
We have allocated an area where you can enjoy your own picnic.

What is the refund policy? 

Tickets are non-refundable, except where Bryanston School cancels the event due to unsporting weather conditions. Only valid ticket-holders will be eligible for a refund in the event of bad weather cancellation.