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Speech Day


We look forward to welcoming you to Speech Day on 9 July 2016.

We hope you will join us for a day to celebrate the end of another academic year and to wish our 2016 leavers all the best as they take their next steps into the world beyond Bryanston.

Speech Day 2016 schedule (timings tbc)

Update (9 July): Any changes to timings or venues today will be made via the PA system, so please listen out for any announcements.

Friday 8 July

2.00pm House Athletics relays (including afternoon tea at 3.45pm)

5.45pm Supper for parents and pupils in the Dining Hall

7.30pm WASP - Women Against Sexist Plays, Coade Hall
This year's Junior Drama Society production is loosely based on Aristophanes' brilliant play, LysistrataWASP is set in a secondary school in which the female pupils, upset by what they perceive to be sexist behaviour by the male pupils and staff, decide to go on strike, provoking mayhem around the school and enraging the headmaster.

8.00pm A Midsummer Night's Dream, Arboretum (Robson Fisher if wet)
To bring the year to a joyful close, A3 present this ever-popular text in an informal and immersive way that will bring the audience into close contact with Shakespeare's lovers, fairies and wannabe actors. Admission is free, but please contact the Coade Hall Box Office on 01258 484623 or to reserve tickets

Please note the plays also have performances earlier in the week and you can find full details here.

Saturday 9 July

From 9:30am Tennis matches on the Grass Courts

10.00am Art, Design and Technology, and ICT exhibitions open

10.30am Service of Thanksgiving in St Martin's Church (Chamber Choir Plus)

11.00am Coffee served in the marquee on the Terrace

11.50am String Chamber Music Concert in the Mark Elder Concert Hall

From midday Drinks for parents in boarding houses.
Timings and venue for drinks in each house will be emailed to parents

12.15 -1.40pm Lunch served in the Dining Hall
Eating outdoors or in Dorchester or Grosvenor

12.30pm Concert Band on the Terrace (in Cowley if wet)

2.45pm Speeches and prize-giving in the Greek Theatre (all pupils attending)

3.45pm Tea served in the marquee immediately after speeches.
Pupils may leave with their parents following the speeches at approximately 3.45pm

4.30pm Term ends


  • Parents are kindly asked not to park on the verges and to follow directions given by the marshals posted around the school grounds.
  • Pupils may leave with their parents following the speeches at approximately 3.45pm.
  • Toilets are in the corridor to the left of the entrance to the Dining Hall and at the far end of the basement corridor past the A2 Soc. There are also toilet facilities in the foyer of Coade Hall and on the Beechwood Lawn.
  • Bryanston is a no smoking site.
  • First Aid: if you or any member of your party need First Aid or have an accident please see a member of the Bryanston staff. 
  • In case of fire: We operate a two-bell fire alarm system in the Main Building.  On hearing the second alarm, parents and guests should assemble in front of Coade Hall.  Pupils will know where to go, depending on which House they are in.
    All other buildings on site operate a one-bell system and are evacuated on hearing the first alarm.
    Please follow the safety announcements that will be made.
  • Please be careful around the ponds and the river.
  • Recycling: please place all rubbish in the appropriate bins in order that we can recycle as much as possible.  Should you have any broken glass, please let a member of our Housekeeping team know.
  • Wet weather: in the event of rain, please listen out for announcements regarding the location of speeches. Priority will be given to prize winners, A2s and their parents.
  • Please do not leave alcohol unattended.
  1. PDF File
    Places to stay near Bryanston (June 2016)