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Computer Science



The Computer Science Department aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to a range of computing technologies and skills for those starting at Bryanston. This is then developed further through GCSE courses in computer science. The department also offers the opportunity for pupils to explore outside the structured curriculum, in topics such as app development, programming and film creation.

Andy Barnes
Director of Technology


D year

The recently updated D curriculum is designed to provide our first year pupils with the skills they will need to support their learning in all areas of the curriculum, and also to introduce subjects such as coding and creating apps to fuel their enthusiasm.

Pupils are actively encouraged to use their own devices such as laptops, iPads and iPhones in their ICT lessons, so that they become proficient at using them as aids to their learning. The ICT classrooms are also equipped with the latest iMacs, which offer another way for pupils to access information and software.


AQA Computer Science is offered as a GCSE, allowing pupils opportunities to develop their practical programming skills, together with a theoretical knowledge of the underlying principles of computer science. This course is made up of three parts – a practical part, where pupils choose one practical task which contributes to 20% of their final grade, and two written papers, one based on the concepts and terminology of computing fundamentals, and another one demonstrating their computational thinking and problem solving skills.

Sixth form

Computer science is offered as a humanities option in the sixth form. Pupils select from a series of pathways, based upon programming architecture. Pupils are encouraged, through practical exercises, to build computational engines from first principles. This is an academically demanding course that helps prepare pupils for the rigours of study beyond the sixth form.

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ICT scholarships

Pupils who exhibit a good level of ability in a variety of ICT applications and technologies are welcome to apply for Bryanston’s ICT scholarship. They should also be enthusiastic about pursuing their interests through a wide range of ICT initiatives and display their potential in programming or developing apps. ICT scholars will be expected to contribute to and be involved with the support of school ICT initiatives as well as helping to encourage junior pupils into the world of ICT.

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