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  • 19 Jun

    Tick tock, TikTok... Times They Are A-Changin'

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra explores ways in which we can help children make sense of the current climate of pandemic, protest and progression. Preet also considers the topics of unconscious bias and social stereotypes in an increasingly fractious world and reflects that now is the time to have...

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  • 5 Jun

    How to pee straight and take your own advice

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra considers how we can adjust our own behaviours in order to energise ourselves as well as our children. Preeptal also reflects on the ways in which our behaviour can be ‘nudged’ by our home environment and suggests that this period of lockdown could provid...

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  • 1 May

    How to eat a frog and the new three Rs of education

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra considers the complexities of engaging with our children while they are studying at home during this period of lockdown and suggests that relationships, reflection and reframing should be considered the new three Rs of education.

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  • 17 Jan

    Why teens need proper nourishment

    Nutrition expert Lucinda Miller (NatureDoc Clinic) was recently invited to Bryanston to deliver training for all staff on how food choices affect teenagers. In this special guest post, Lucinda explains why encouraging teens to make healthy food choices is important now and even more so for their fut...

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  • 1 Feb

    "You just don't understand" (part one)

    As a companion piece to Simon Vincent’s blog about teenage boys, Edrys Barkham, experienced tutor and former hsm, demonstrates that we also know a great deal about teenage girls. She shares her insights below in part one of her blog…

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  • 16 Nov

    The selfie generation

    During a time when social media is talked about daily in the news, Edrys Barkham, experienced tutor and former hsm, discusses the impact of these digital channels on children and offers some guidance on how to manage your child's screen time...

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