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  • 23 Jan

    Sticking the (Doc Martens) boot into gender stereotypes

    In our latest blog post, Deputy Head Co-Curricular Andrew Murfin explores how we, as educators, are in a privileged position to stand alongside our pupils in their journey to adulthood, and discusses how Bryanston continues to focus on a positive culture enhancing gender dynamics...

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  • 16 Oct

    Promoting positive mental health

    Head of Pupil Development Dr Preetpal Bachra discusses the School’s approach to its week-long focus on mental health and wellbeing, which started in recognition of World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10 October. Dr Bachra explains how the School’s creative installations aim to encourage...

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  • 2 Oct

    The Sixth Form Years

    Head of Sixth Form James Ralphs explains what life at Bryanston is like for those in their final two years of school and why the School’s approach to sixth form is so accomplished in developing purposeful, curious and well-rounded individuals ready for higher education or the working world. We...

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  • 19 Jul

    Life is the adventure

    A few weeks ago I spoke at my last Speech Day as a Head of Bryanston School. A leitmotif of my final chance to hold forth to a full Greek Theatre was of not outstaying one’s welcome and knowing when it is the right time to stay or to go. I used one of my favourite poems, which I quot...

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  • 19 Jan

    90 years young!

    As we approach our 90th anniversary, former Head, Sarah Thomas, looks at why a school that is proud of being young still celebrates getting older.

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  • 27 Jul

    Playing like a girl

    This week we share a post written by one of our departing A2 pupils, Tilly C, on her experiences of playing cricket through the years. Tilly is currently playing for Hampshire Women's 1st XI squad.

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  • 30 Jun

    Ten years on

    At the weekend the classes of 1987, 1997 and 2007 returned to Bryanston for their reunion. Benjy Barkes (Sa ’07) reflects on his return to school and what it meant to him.

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  • 16 Sep

    Earned and learned

    Be yourself; as the saying goes, everyone else is taken. It sounds easy enough, but being yourself can be a challenge when there is so much pressure to compare yourself to, or conform to the expectations of, others. Being yourself requires, above all, the right sort of confidence. 

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