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  • 9 Feb

    Fight or flight?

    Head of Outdoor Education and Pioneering Duncan Curry explains how the School’s Adventure Training programme encourages its pupils to develop resilience and confidence while waiting for the Covid cloud to clear…

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  • 16 Oct

    Promoting positive mental health

    Head of Pupil Development Dr Preetpal Bachra discusses the School’s approach to its week-long focus on mental health and wellbeing, which started in recognition of World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10 October. Dr Bachra explains how the School’s creative installations aim to encourage...

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  • 3 Jul

    Why spending time on your mat is so beneficial

    Teacher of Modern Languages and Yoga Instructor Ro Pakenham-Walsh explains why yoga and meditation have such an important part to play in regulating our emotions. Ro also shares her top tips for self-care and explores how to take advantage of the slower pace of life that we find ourselves in...

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  • 2 Apr

    FaceTime, Fights and Food: Keeping up momentum

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra brings us his latest thoughts on remote working whilst isolating at home with his family. Preetpal encourages us all to give ourselves time to adapt as this past week will have been a challenge for every member of the family, to approach frustrations with a calm and...

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  • 16 Nov

    The selfie generation

    During a time when social media is talked about daily in the news, Edrys Barkham, experienced tutor and former hsm, discusses the impact of these digital channels on children and offers some guidance on how to manage your child's screen time...

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  • 3 Oct

    Connecting effectively

    At the start of the year Bryanston introduced a new mobile phone policy. Here Dr Preetpal Bachra, Head of Pastoral, explains the thinking behind the policy.

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