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  • 18 Nov

    A reflection on Bryanston’s Digital Detox Day

    Emma Pick, Housemistress of Harthan, reflects on the School’s inaugural Digital Detox Day, commenting on the positive benefits the initiative had on our pupils’ mental health, giving increased time for shared conversation and collaborative thinking…

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  • 26 Nov

    Modern boarding and masculinity

    Teacher of English and Housemaster of Beechwood House Stephen Davies discusses some of the recent thinking about masculinity and the role housemasters have in developing boys who are less focused on competing and more able to nurture healthy relationships with their peers… 

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  • 31 Jan

    Food for thought

    In this special Q&A, former Catering Manager Mike Thorne explains the approach taken to feeding Bryanston’s 600+ pupils three times a day, the increasing interest in veganism and the importance of encouraging pupils to make their own choices when it comes to food…

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  • 17 Jan

    Why teens need proper nourishment

    Nutrition expert Lucinda Miller (NatureDoc Clinic) was recently invited to Bryanston to deliver training for all staff on how food choices affect teenagers. In this special guest post, Lucinda explains why encouraging teens to make healthy food choices is important now and even more so for their fut...

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  • 16 May

    The transition from a Junior to a Senior Boys' House

    Growing up in London and venturing onto the London underground system, I was always anxious about the need to change lines to get to my required destination. Was I aiming to head north or south, east or west, and what was I to do when the tannoy announced “all change please, all change...

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