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2018 Telephone Calling

Welcome to the 2018 annual telephone calling information page

Thank you for your interest and I am sure you will enjoy finding out who our callers are, why they are calling and what you will be able to achieve by speaking with them.

Putting a face to the voice

Currently: Studying English Literature at Newcastle University.
Favourite School Memory: Acting in the Lion King during the A3 festival.
Life Ambition: To have a successful career as a screenplay writer.

Currently:  Will be studying History of Art at the University of Manchester.
Favourite School Memory: History of Art trips to Italy and house plays in A3.  
Life Ambition:  Working in a job around travel and exploration. 

Currently:  Studying Music Production at BIMM Brighton. 
Favourite School Memory: Playing Hagrid in house plays and the A3 festival. 
Life Ambition:  To perform on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival. 

Currently: Progressing to University of Leeds, and reading Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific thought.
Favourite School Memory: The food.
Life Ambition: To send my own children to Bryanston.

Currently: Will be studying Music with Enterprise at the University of Leeds. 
Favourite School Memory: A3 Festival weekend. 
Life Ambition: To work in music industry management. 

Currently: At Manchester Metropolitan University studying International Politics.
Favourite School Memory: Being on the stage in the school musicals. 
Life Ambition: To provide aid and help develop businesses for those who lack it. 

Currently: Studying Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes.
Favourite School Memory: The whole of A2 (particularly the A2 Soc!).
Life Ambition: To figure out the meaning of life. 

Currently: . 
Favourite School Memory:  
Life Ambition:  

Currently: Studying History at the University of Warwick.
Favourite School Memory: Playing the lead in our house play Dodgeball.
Life Ambition: To have a successful career and live in America.

Currently: Studying English & Related Literature at the University of York.
Favourite School Memory: Dressing as the Facebook symbol for A3 Festival.
Life Ambition: To travel and to turn my passion for writing into a career.

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Currently: Studying oboe at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
Favourite School Memory: Playing as a soloist at the Poole Lighthouse concert. 
Life Ambition: To become a professional orchestral musician. 

Currently: Will be reading History of Art at the University of Manchester. 
Favourite School Memory: Directing a house play. 
Life Ambition: To be a sports journalist for a major newspaper. 

Currently: Studying English Language & Literature at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.
Favourite School Memory: Holding Hermione Granger’s wand during a seminar.
Life Ambition: Gaining a following for my artwork and design. 

Currently: At Cardiff University studying International Relations and Politics.
Favourite School Memory: Winning netball matches against Canford. 
Life Ambition: To work in the legal department of an international organisation. 

What is the purpose of the call?

The annual telephone calling fundraises for Bryanston and enables pupils to benefit from educational opportunities beyond the curriculum and to have the education they deserve.  

Donations to the Greatest Need Fund will support smaller projects not covered by school fees which have an immediate impact for pupils.  In 2016/17 the Greatest Need Fund provided opportunities for pupils in design and technology,  Pioneering and provided bursary funds for those pupils who need them in order to attend classes at Bryanston. 

A gift from you this year will mean additional opportunities for our pupils in a number of important areas. For instance:

  • With one in six pupils on some kind of bursarial support, those pupils who need significant financial support in order to take up their place at Bryanston will get it. 

  • Academic excellence support will be directed to a new project for BryFilm which will support our film ECA and IB BTech pupils' creativity 

  • Pupil enrichments projects will include, skateboard park equipment and graffiti art panels, Outdoor Education with a cardio wall and in-door caving facilities and Coade Hall with production photos to inspire our performing arts pupils.

  • Buildings and Heritage will continue to support the Sports Centre enhancement initiatives as well as a new War Memorial restoration project. 

When are we calling? 

We will call between Wednesday 11 July and Sunday 29 July

Our typical calling hours are:  

  • Afternoons and evenings – weekdays
  • 11:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays
  • 2:00pm – 8:00pm Sundays

We may sometimes call earlier on a weekday should we have difficulty getting through or you are based in a different time-zone.

Will I be asked for money? 

Yes.  During the call, which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, we will take a moment to let you know what our pupils' projects are this year. These projects will be outside areas covered by fees.  We will ask you very politely whether you would like to offer your financial support and, if so, which area you would like to direct this to. There is absolutely no pressure on you to agree. Because of our past history together, we feel confident that we can ask you if you are interested in being part of a unique education for current and future pupils, on the basis that you feel confident that you can politely say no thank you, not now. 

We will also be asking you if you are interested in getting involved in other ways too. We welcome OBs' participation in the life of the school – as benefactors, as governors, as volunteers for our careers programme, as members of sports and social groups – in fact, we can’t think of many areas of Bryanston where OBs are not important or valued.

Why does Bryanston need philanthropic support? 

Because without it some pupils who want to be educated at Bryanston will not be able to take up their place.

And, some of our pupils will not have the breadth of opportunities to fully explore their educational interests because the extra-curricular activity that is so vital to personal growth and enrichment beyond the classroom may not be available.  

Bryanston relies on charitable support over and above the fees to fund those pupils who would like a Bryanston education, like, let's call her Farah, and you can read about her here, and to provide the additional educational enrichment we believe is vital for pupils to thrive and flourish. Read about the difference that an ECA made to, let's call him Freddie, here.

Because Bryanston aims to continue to offer a bespoke education to individuals and there is no other school that does this in the way that we do or as successfully as we do. This is evidenced in our last inspection report:

 “Bryanston School is highly successful in meeting its aims to explore and develop the individual talents of pupils to achieve their potential. …  It successfully combines academic studies with an exceptionally wide-ranging extra-curricular programme enabling pupils to pursue their interests and excel in their chosen activity.”

The school has never been resourced solely by parents’ ability to meet costs through fees and it has achieved its phenomenal success with the help of loans and past philanthropic support. All pupils will have benefitted in some way from this past support.  By asking everyone, to whom Bryanston matters, to give in some way, the Bryanston family will continue to help provide a thriving future for the pupils of the school.

As a Bryanstonian, you too will have likely benefited from, perhaps unseen, philanthropic support during your own time at school. The effect of this support has been profound for our pupils and it is our sincere hope that you will want to continue to provide the support that will benefit those who follow in your footsteps. In this way, you can be assured that many, many more pupils will have a similar educationally exciting and enriching experience. 

How you can turn £20 into £50? 

If you are making a first time gift this year, your gift will be increased by a further £20 from our group of OB Collective Champions.



Your gift should be £20 or more and be made before 1 September 2018.


When we receive your gift of £20 or more with a gift date prior to 1 September 2018 then our Collective Champions will add a further £20  to make the value of your gift to the school worth £40.

If you let us know that you are eligible for gift aid, it will be even more!

Your gift £20 > plus a further £20 > Value of your gift £40 > Add gift aid at 25%, so £10 >  Value of your gift £50

If you do not wish to commit to a gift of £20, we will still welcome your gift! 

If you took Justin's Challenge last year, he would be delighted if you were to make another gift to Bryanston again this year. This year, if you make a gift to the school of £30 or more, he will add a further £20!  See the video he has made for you. 

Gifts of all amounts are immensely valuable to us. See the Will my gift make a difference? section for more details. 

Why me? 

You have been selected because we may not have spoken to you for while, you may have told us you are interested in the school or you may have supported us in the past.

Will my gift make a difference? 


By adding your gift to the Greatest Need Fund, you will be providing world class educational opportunities to young men and women now and in the future.  You will create a host of experiences that will benefit pupil enrichment. The Greatest Need Fund also supports the Bursary Fund, enabling it to grow more quickly, meaning that more pupils from lower income families can take up a place at Bryanston.

We urgently need more people to give to Bryanston this year.  More benefactors are needed to build the giving momentum that will be pivotal in securing the financial success of the school. As a benefactor of Bryanston, you will be an important flag-bearer to encourage others to follow in your footsteps and consider adding their contribution.  This will result in thousands of fellow Bryanstonians having a similar educational experience to you.  It is only the Bryanston family that will support this. 

Don't wish to receive a call from us as part of this year's summer calling?

No problem.  If you do not wish to be included in our annual telephone calling in July for any reason, please let us know. The best way to do this is to email with 'Opt Out' in the subject line, stating your name, postcode, house and class year and we will take your number straight out. 

Alternatively, please telephone Jessica Hall on 01258 484591.

If you are a carer and are concerned that the person you care for is an OB who may not cope well or enjoy receiving a call from the school, please contact Amanda Lovejoy, Bryanston’s Development Manager, direct on the following number 01258 484556.

Feedback or complaints

If we do something you like or do not like, please let us know! 

It is really helpful for us to know what you do or do not like so that we can do more of the things you do like and address any issues or concerns where you are unhappy. You are important to us and we want to get this right!

For matters relating to Development and Alumni please contact Elisabeth Anderson, Bryanston’s Director of Development, at or telephone her direct on 01258 484555.