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Performance Sports Programme - Prep

At Bryanston our elite athletes participate in the Performance Sports Programme and PSP-Prep is an extension of this programme aimed specifically at aspiring sportspeople in years 5 to 8.

The programme involves an annual visit to Bryanston to use the new performance gym and participate in a number of physiological tests under the watchful eye of our Head of Performance Sports, Alex Chapman. Alex has 13 years of experience working in high performance sport, including as Head of Physical Preparation for the English Institute of Sport working specifically with Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball and as Head of Strength and Conditioning for Team Bath at Bath University.

The bespoke data and results arising from these tests will help inform the coaching and preparation of participants throughout their time at prep school, particularly if they participate in the programme over a number of years. 


What assessments are included in PSP-Prep?

Movement evaluation 

Pupils will be asked to perform a series of movements and we will subjectively assess the dynamic range of motion and movement quality. All movements will be recorded and feedback for improvement provided.

Force platform testing 

Our force platforms enable us to assess how much force an individual can produce while performing dynamic exercises such as running, jumping and changing direction. It is possible to identify differences in force production between limbs that when addressed can lead to improved technique, which in turn can lead to reduced injury and improved performance. 
Tests may include:  
  • Hop and jump tests using our dual force platform system
  • Drop jumps
  • Vertical jumps
  • Change of direction technique
  • Acceleration (force production) technique
  • Deceleration (force absorption) technique

Acceleration and velocity on the 40m sprint track 

The ability to run fast is important in many sports.  Here we will see how fast a pupil is and how we can make them faster. We will discover if they are quick off the mark or have great top speed.

Repeated sprint ability/aerobic capacity 

No matter what type of sportsperson, fitness is a key component to their performance.  Pupils will be put through their paces in an assessment specific to the type of sport(s) they play.

Benefits of participating in PSP-Prep

Any pupil considering applying for a sports scholarship at senior school will benefit from the PSP-Prep, as will any keen sportsperson:

  • The data produced from PSP-Prep will help pupils and their coaches identify both strengths and weaknesses in relation to the pupil’s physiology and sports performance.
  • Over time (if a pupil participates over a number of years) a picture of a pupil’s physiological development will emerge highlighting where improvements have been made
  • Pupils will receive their results before they leave on the day of their PSP-Prep session. You can download an example report here.
  • All participants receive a selection of sports goodies to take home.

Who can participate?

Currently, the number of places available on PSP-Prep is limited and individual prep schools will be asked to select their top sportspeople in years 5 to 8 to participate.

Pupils will gain the most benefit by participating over a number of years; however, we also understand that some schools may wish to send different groups each year to enable more pupils to benefit from the programme.

Further information

For more information, please contact Director of Sport, Alex Fermor-Dunman, on