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Your fees explained

For details of school fees and fees in advance scheme please click here.

Pupils' £600k Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - Within the school fee is personal accident cover. For details see the attachment below.

At an additional charge, but optional, the premiums in respect of two other insurance schemes will also appear on your termly account:

Pupils’ Personal Effects Insurance. The School regrets that it is unable to accept responsibility for loss, damage or theft of the personal property of pupils. However, for a current charge of £10 per term, parents can cover their child’s property on an “All Risks” basis for up to £2,000 for a single item and £5,000 total sum insured. For further information and details of exclusions please see the attachment below.

School Fees Refund Scheme. Parents may be able to receive a refund of fees if their child is absent from school, due to illness or injury under certain circumstances, by paying an additional sum each term (calculated as 1.5% x the net fee). The school has purchased an insurance policy which enables it to obtain a reimbursement subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance. For more details see the attachement below.

If you do not wish to take advantage of these schemes, please delete the charge(s) made on your bill and contact the Finance Bursary (

Additional charges you will also find on your termly bill are the membership fees of the Bryanston Parents’ Association and the Bryanston Society.

Other costs, because they vary so much from child to child, are charged as extras. In order to avoid unwelcome surprises at your first end of term account, we thought it would be helpful were you to understand at the outset the type of charge that you are likely to see added to the bill as an extra. Extras fall into three broad categories - educational, recreational and personal - and seem to average out at £750 or so per term, but very much depend on the activities chosen by your child.

Educational extras

All Bryanston pupils pay for their own text books and stationery. Text books that are still in current use and that are required for study in subsequent terms may be returned to the Shop when no longer required by pupils for study. Such book returns will be bought back by the school at their second-hand value (usually 50% of the price paid), provided they are unmarked and the covers undamaged.

Individual music tuition is charged termly in arrears - the charge for 2014/2015 being £250 per instrument. Instruments may be hired over the coming year at £30 per term. Music students also bear the cost of sheet music purchased for their own use.

Individual tuition, where a need has been identified, and agreed with parents, may be charged as an extra.
External examination fees and special arrangements made for examinations are charged, as are materials used in art, sculpture, pottery and technology including the Internet.
Participation in school outings and expeditions that do not form an integral part of the curriculum are also charged as extras.
Recreational extras

There are a large number of groups, clubs and societies to which pupils might choose to belong; the charge for membership varies in line with the complexity and cost of the activity. Furthermore, a number of weekend trips, activities and events are now arranged for pupils and some of these will attract a charge.

Personal expenditure

For the convenience of pupils and their parents, there are a number of items of essentially personal expenditure that may be charged as extras. These might include

  • coach charges - for exeat and end/start of term transport, and very occasional taxi charges

  • theatre tickets for performances in the Coade Hall

  • emergency advances of pocket money and travel costs. Please note that pocket money and personal travel should normally be pre-funded

  • holiday expeditions organised by the school

  • house parties and social events

  • school photographs

  • dry cleaning charges - for those items of clothing of a material that cannot be handled by our school laundry

  • charges for culpable damage

  • private medical treatment for pupils living abroad - and the cost of immunisations

  • physiotherapy treatment subject to the agreement of parents

Overnight stays for day pupils
For 2014/2015 overnight stays are charged at £42 per night. These charges will be added to your bill termly.

Should you have any questions, at any time, relating to extras charged to your account, in the first instance please contact the Finance Bursary ( or 01258 484626).