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The curriculum


Every pupil is encouraged to explore a breadth of opportunities in their first year at Bryanston, to enable them to discover their individual academic strengths and interests. This allows all pupils to experience a wide range of subjects before deciding, with the support of their tutor, on a programme of study for GCSE. In the sixth form, pupils have the choice of either A levels or the IB Diploma and are given guidance on which may be best suited to them.

The first year

The aim in the first year is to establish the right habits of work and play, which will develop and flourish as the pupils move through the subsequent years. To that end pupils are engaged in class for 39 out of the 44 timetabled periods. They may have a music lesson in one of the five remaining. Therefore all pupils will have between three and five periods during the week in which they have to work on the assignments set by teachers. The remaining assignments are completed in prep time. Tutors play a crucial part in helping pupils acquire the right skills to succeed in these early steps towards independent learning.

The GCSE years

Choices of courses for GCSE/IGCSE are made in the summer term of the first year with support from tutors and subject teachers. All pupils take maths, English, science and at least one modern foreign language. A conventional GCSE programme will embrace an appropriate range of subjects and strike the right balance between breadth and the opportunity for excellence. This usually requires pupils to be in taught classes for 35 of the 44 periods, and there is a deliberate and incremental development of assignment period opportunities to enhance independent learning. These also allow teachers the time to see pupils individually to review and correct work as necessary.

Sixth form

In the sixth form pupils can choose between A level and the IB Diploma. Irrespective of whether a pupil is pursuing A levels or the IB Diploma, the Academic Enrichment Programme provides further opportunities to broaden horizons, develop transferable skills and enhance their academic profile.

Sixth Form

In the sixth form at Bryanston, pupils learn to take an even greater ownership of their own learning and development than in the junior years.

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The IB Diploma Programme suits pupils who wish to continue with a wider range of subjects. It allows pupils to combine breadth with depth in their sixth-form studies and provides an opportunity to explore all aspects of their abilities, both inside and outside the classroom.

During their time in the sixth form, pupils are encouraged to develop a full and well-rounded academic and co-curricular profile to show that they are much more than just the grades they receive. As well as supporting their own personal development, it also strengthens applications to higher education.