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St Martin's Church


On most Sundays, pupils have a choice between an assembly in the Coade Hall, with an address by a visiting speaker, and a celebration of the Eucharist in the school church, St Martin's. The atmosphere is very much that of a lively Parish Communion, at which parents are always welcome.



Church Services

Two types of regular service are held in the church:

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP)

(Second Sunday of each month at 8.00am)

The Holy Communion from the BCP is a quiet reflective service – with no music or sermon – and in the traditional language of 1662. It lasts for just half an hour.

Common Worship (CW)

(Every week, except exeats, at 10.00am during the school term)

Most of the Common Worship services are in a modern idiom, with vibrant images that seek to connect the Biblical tradition with people's own experiences. A key concept is that of the Christian life as a journey - one in which those as yet uncommitted to the faith are also invited to join.  Music forms an integral part to worship in this service, in a variety of musical styles.

The fact that pupil attendance is voluntary is fundamental to the experience of church at Bryanston. It is immensely moving to see the altar surrounded by confirmed and unconfirmed alike. Sometimes full, sometimes thinly populated, the church witnesses a family communion during term time. A rhythm of prayer and worship has been established which is greatly valued by the regular worshippers.

The church building helps remind the community of the importance of spiritual continuity. Memorials recall the village’s war dead and the service of Arthur George Courtney, for 41 years verger of the church. There are names of great figures from the school community, David Jones and Geoff Udall. The organ bears witness to the work of Peter Lattimer, Director of Music for 30 years and, in windows and inscriptions, the Portman family are there as well.