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We aim to play free-flowing and attacking 15 man rugby. We look specifically to develop all Bryanston pupils as rugby players and sportsmen.
To play with passion and desire but, most importantly, enjoyment.
To play with passion and desire but, most importantly, enjoyment.
A sport for everyone, regardless of gender or previous experience, catering for those who wish to compete, as well as those who just wish to participate.
To play specifically with flair, speed and agility, developing complete rugby players at Bryanston.
To play with passion and pride. Training in a fun and focused way, we look to develop both the Bryanston netballer and the sportswoman.
To include and differentiate for all pupils, with a focus on improving fitness and stamina through regular competitive events.
To help develop excellent tennis players, capable and confident of performing on a variety of surfaces.
We consider tennis to be a life skill, a sport that we hope Bryanston girls will play either competitively or socially for many years to come.
To play attacking, positive cricket with excellence in all three cricketing disciplines.
To develop competitive athletes in the discipline of marathon kayaking, racing over distances ranging from 4 to 125 miles, within a focused and positive training environment.
We are proud of making squash totally inclusive to all, regardless of standard, and try to bring out the very best in each participant, to play to their ability and to help them gain in confidence.
To learn, develop and enjoy the spirit of the game.

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Riding (by arrangement)