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The nurturing of excellence and the forming of competitive sports people is a priority at Bryanston and although not every pupil will become a county, regional or international sportsperson, we strive to achieve this for all who wish to try. However, our fundamental goal is to ensure that pupils who leave Bryanston have developed an affectionate connection with sport and consider an active healthy lifestyle to be an integral part of later life.





Sport allows for teamwork, individuality, pressure, failure and success. These emotions alongside the experiences gained through sporting endeavour help shape the personalities and character traits of all who participate. We know that sport develops confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus.

Sport delivered in the right way can also benefit academic study, providing catharsis for the mind, releasing stress and allowing for a different take on academic problems. As such, sport plays a central role in our ethos, supporting and nurturing individual pupils.


The framework developed to help achieve this is derived from five simple principles outlined. Pupils will experience these principles from the outset of their time at Bryanston. In D, pupils' are offered a controlled choice of games, through which every pupil engages in a major sport while sampling other sports and activities through core PE lessons. As pupils progress through the school they are given the opportunity to experience an incredibly diverse range of sports whilst also representing the school in the major sports on offer.

    Every effort is made to ensure that sport is a pleasurable experience, nurturing an individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a love of physical activity.

    Every pupil will experience competitive sport whilst at Bryanston, in a range of sporting contexts.

    Every pupil is given the opportunity to progress, reaching and exceeding their expectations.

    Every effort is made to ensure that individual and team performance reaches and exceeds potential.

    Pupils and coaching staff strive to ensure they adopt a professional approach to individual and team development.