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Performance Sport Programme


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Bryanston is committed to providing support for its aspiring young athletes through our bespoke Performance Sport Programme. The School employs a creative, innovative environment with evidenced-based methods to maximise the sporting potential of PSP participants.

To support the long-term athletic development of Bryanston’s young sportsmen and women, the Performance Sport Programme provides a structured framework throughout a pupil’s time at Bryanston, starting with generic skills and techniques and moving to a bespoke, sport-specific programme for each individual involved. At the same time, the School is working with research institutions to produce UK and world-leading sports science research, with a particular interest in growth and maturation, which complements the School’s delivery of physical education and sport.

The wealth of sporting and coaching expertise within the School includes former professional and international sportspeople, Olympians and former world champions. With its newly renovated sports centre, Bryanston has a world leading performance sport facility with state-of-the-art equipment that includes force platforms, 360-degree motion analysis cameras and the ability to produce ground-breaking data in the sphere of growth and maturation in young sportspeople.

Bryanston’s partnerships with research institutions, professional sports clubs and national governing bodies help the school to maintain a leading edge in this field and deliver a sports provision which is unrivalled in the UK.

Senior - A2 and A3 (years 12 and 13) 

Selected performance athletes train in one-to-one sessions. They follow bespoke training plans specifically designed to improve performance in their selected sports and work towards achieving targeted goals for performance in relation to individual sporting aspirations.

Junior - D, C and B (years 9-11) 

At junior level, PSP is an extension of the work carried out in core PE and games sessions. The programme is open to any pupil in D, C and B who wishes to train in a fun and focused environment. Sportsmen and women who show particular promise will be invited to attend alongside sport scholars, who are automatically enrolled on the programme. Training sessions are in line with long-term athletic development (LTAD) and designed with a specific focus on strengthening the body and mind, producing all-round sportspeople. A fundamental principle is to develop pupils physically to help reduce the threat of potential injury and improve performance in all sporting and physical spheres.

PSP Prep - years 5-8 

Bryanston invites prep schools to identify their best sporting pupils, ranging from year 5 to year 8. These groups visit the School to use the new facilities and are tested for physiological capability and sporting ability (foundational movement skills, decision-making and ability to acquire new skills/motor programmes). Participants are presented with a report card and a series of recommendations to help prep schools to develop these pupils and share good practice. The data produced through this testing is also used in Bryanston’s ongoing growth and maturation research in conjunction with Bath University.