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  • Q Do you have places available in other years?  


    Occasionally we do have places available in year 10. Please contact us for up-to-date information on availability.

  • Q When can we visit the School?  


    Please call us on 01258 484633 or complete the enquiry form to arrange a suitable time.      

  • Q How do we apply for a place?  


    You will need to fill out a registration form, which can be obtained from the Admissions Department.

  • Q Is there an entry exam?  


    All applicants are required to pass our entrance exams in English, maths, science and MFL (French, Spanish or German), if studied.

  • Q Do you do a pre-IB year?  


    Generally, we are not able to offer a pre-IB year in year 11.

  • Q Do you offer scholarships and bursaries?  


    Means-tested bursaries are available for entrants into year 10. Unfortunately we are not able to offer scholarships for entry into years other than 9 and 12.