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Our staff have valuable expertise, long experience and endless patience in allowing adolescents to find their adult selves. Explore our blog to find out what they know. Among them you'll also find a growing number of pupil vloggers who are keen to tell you at first hand what it's like to be at Bryanston.

Nick Welford

Housemaster Connaught House

Nick is Housemaster of Connaught House and was previously Head of Science.

Before joining Bryanston, Nick started teaching in Chipping Camden School (Gloucestershire) in 1996. He then got a job with a family on a yacht heading from Poole to Cairns. Onboard, he was an academic tutor to two children and sailor. Whilst in Australia, Nick worked in schools as a relief teacher both in Queensland and NSW. He then spent the most part of a year in Wakatipu High in Queenstown, New Zealand. It took Nick about a year of overland travelling to get back to the UK, where he then took up a post in Latymer School in Hammersmith. Nick joined the Bryanston family in 2007 and particularly enjoys one-to-one tutorials and correction periods with individual pupils.

In his spare time, Nick plays rugby (admittedly less and less each year...) and tries to get out on his windsurf whenever possible.

Posts by Nick Welford

  • 14 Feb

    How to encourage a love of STEM from an early age

    Head of Science Nick Welford explores ways in which to encourage scientific investigation from an early age and explains why Bryanston pupils are given opportunities to solve problems through research and experimentation… from Nobel Prize winner Fred Sanger, and beyond!

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