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House and pastoral systems

Bryanston believes that the development of the individual and the healthy life of the community are complementary.

The house arrangements are therefore designed not only to give maximum scope for private study but also to develop the key social skills of organisation, motivation, tolerance and understanding of others.

We recognise that boys and girls at 13 are very different and we try to respond to that by welcoming them into the School in the way that best suits them at that age.

Boys' boarding

Boys starting in D (year 9) spend a year in one of two junior houses before moving to their senior house, where they will stay for the remaining four years. Junior houses allow boys to find their feet among their peer group and settle into school life. At the end of the D year boys have the opportunity to list some friends with whom they would like to move up to their senior house and, while they know they won’t be with all of them, they can be confident they will have friends with them when they move.

Girls' boarding

Girls stay in the same boarding house throughout their time at Bryanston, in contrast to the boys, who spend a year in a junior house before moving up to their senior house. Senior girls tend to have an affinity with and interest in looking after D girls and can often play an important part in helping them to settle in to school life.

Day pupils

Approximately 17% of Bryanston pupils are day pupils. All day pupils are members of one of the 12 boarding houses and have a bed allocated to them, meaning they are fully integrated into the life of their house.

House allocation

Parents are not required to choose a house for their child, though they may express their preference. The allocation of pupils to houses is made by the Headmaster, who aims for balance across all the houses in terms of the range of talents, interests and outlooks. In this way, each child acts as a catalyst for the others and pupils are encouraged to learn from one another’s abilities and characters.