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At Bryanston, it is the academic achievement of the individual rather than the year group that matters. One-to-one attention is at the heart of all we do.

This emphasis on the individual encourages independence of thought and good management of time and workload, and is excellent preparation for university study. It also results in impressive ‘added value’ across the academic ability range as well as allowing all children, including the very bright, to be stretched intellectually. 

The Curriculum

Every pupil is encouraged to explore a breadth of opportunities in their first year at Bryanston, to enable them to discover their individual academic strengths and interests. This allows all pupils to experience a wide range of subjects before deciding, with the support of their tutor, on a programme of study for GCSE.

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Departments and Subjects

Bryanston offers a broad curriculum allowing pupils to try the widest possible range of academic subjects before choosing a programme of study for GCSE and IGCSE.

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Academic Enrichment

During their time in the sixth form, pupils are encouraged to develop a full and well-rounded academic and co-curricular profile to show that they are much more than just the grades they receive.

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Learning Support

Bryanston’s focus on the individual ensures that all pupils receive the general support they need to achieve their potential. For pupils who require additional help with their learning, individual tuition is available.

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Higher Education

Pupils receive one-to-one support from tutors and subject specialists when choosing and applying for their next steps, which ensures they apply to courses best suited to their individual strengths and aspirations.

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Careers Support

Our Careers Department is focused firmly on helping pupils with their academic and careers research, providing personal and practical resources to support them as they explore future options and decide next steps.

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The Library

Our Bryanston combines the old and the new in the resources available to help pupils develop an inquiring, open-minded, balanced and principled approach. 

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