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Guidance for new parents 2020

Welcome to Bryanston

As a parent with a child about to start at Bryanston we know you will have many questions. Here you will find all the information you need to help you and your child prepare for September, including essential things to do, details of arrangements for the first day of term and other useful information. You will also find a downloadable checklist at the bottom of the page to help you make sure you have done everything you need to.

Please note this information is for parents of pupils starting at Bryanston in September 2020. The information will be updated during the summer of 2021 for those entering the School in September 2021.


Essential things to do before September 2020

Important forms: Before your child starts you will receive a number of emails from Bryanston. Some of these emails contain reply forms, such as the Medical Questionnaire, Biometric Registration Form, Photo Permissions Form and Previous School Updates Form and an optional Pupils' Personal Effects Insurance Scheme. In addition, there are a few forms such as the Music Lesson Booking Form and Outdoor Education Consent Form that can be found on the school website and links within the emails will direct you there. It is essential that all forms are completed before your child arrives at Bryanston in September. A helpful checklist can be found at the bottom of this page to guide you on what forms need to be completed and when.

Clothing and sports kit: Your child will need Bryanston branded sports kit and regulation clothing. Please ensure that all clothes, footwear, duvet covers and personal belongings are clearly and appropriately marked. The school shop, which operates a name labelling service, will automatically order name tapes for your child

Reading lists: Before arriving at Bryanston we recommend a number of academic books that will be used throughout the academic year. In doing so we would expect them to read them over the summer (if appropriate), and to return with some familiarity with the subject matter they were going to be working on from September. For obvious reasons we can’t distribute books to our pupils this year; instead, we are asking parents to buy these books directly, and to return to Bryanston with them after the summer holiday. You can access the reading lists for each year group via the parent area of the website once you are logged in. We hope that once these books have been purchased our pupils can enjoy reading them over the coming months. It is important to purchase the correct editions, and that’s why we have included specific links in this list as well as (when we can) ISBN numbers. 

Pupils' personal effects insurance scheme: All your child’s possessions must be clearly and appropriately marked, especially high value items such as laptops, iPods, phones and similar devices. The school accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any personal possessions, however caused. In recognition of this, and as a service to you as parents, arrangements have been made for individual pupil's possessions to be covered on an ‘All Risks’ basis, by the payment of a termly premium. Further details are sent to parents during the summer before their child starts at Bryanston and you can also view the document here. The scheme is optional and if you would like to take advantage of this protection please notify the Bursary as soon as possible on or via the online form emailed to all parents. 

Music lessons: Practical music making and participation are at the heart of Bryanston. All pupils in the D year learn a musical instrument for at least one term. All parents are required to book music lessons either under: SCHEME A (continuing current tuition) or SCHEME B (new instrumentalists). Parents may also book music lessons for pupils starting at Bryanston in C, B or A3. You can do this via the form on the school website, found here or on the link within the email sent to you.

Parent Area: You will receive your username and temporary password for your Parent Area of the website from the Admissions Department during the summer holidays, but please note that these will not work until the end of August. We will email you once your account has been activated.


The first day of term in September

The arrangements for the first day of term (Saturday 5 September) are slightly different depending on whether you are joining us in D (year 9), C (year 10), B (year 11) or A3 (sixth form). Please read the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Please ensure you read the following before your child arrives at Bryanston


The School operates a predominantly Apple computer based network and pupils are encouraged to purchase and use Apple laptops, although PC laptops can be used within the School. Find out more about IT support for pupils.

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Useful reading

Here you will find general information on a range of topics that will help you and your child settle into life at Bryanston more easily.

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