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Educational philosophy

Since its foundation Bryanston has sought to develop an approach to teaching and learning that equips pupils with the skills to be resourceful, independent and creative in whatever path they choose to follow.

We believe that excellent teaching should tailor an approach to optimise the learning of each individual. It is essentially a bespoke process.


Individual attention is at the very heart of Bryanston’s educational philosophy. In addition to timetabled classes, teachers see pupils individually for work review periods, known at Bryanston as correction periods. This gives pupils the opportunity to test their grasp of a subject and to clarify aspects they might not fully understand. Correction periods are introduced in the GCSE year and used extensively in the sixth form, when they are as important to an individual’s progress as taught classes.

A positive approach to independent learning is nurtured from a pupil’s very first day at Bryanston. Throughout their time here they are supported in building an academic confidence, based on strong organisational skills, the bravery to think creatively and take risks when solving problems, and the flexibility of thought required to benefit from a variety of teaching styles.

Responsibility for developing a range of powerful learning tools across all subjects lies with a pupil’s personal tutor. Pupils meet with their tutors on a one-to-one basis at least once a week. The emphasis of these tutorials will depend on the individual pupil’s needs and stage of development and the overarching aim is to monitor progress and ensure that, as the child moves through the school, they are developing the skills and attributes that will help them to flourish.


The key source of information for tutorial sessions is the eChart, which is available to parents online. The eChart records the effort marks, grades and comments from all the subject teachers for work done in each week and pupils are encouraged to assess their own progress as well. The online visibility of the eChart is used as a means of communication between teachers, tutor and pupil, to further guide the pupil and improve study habits.

The considerable emphasis the school places on the needs of the individual results in outstanding academic added value across the ability range. When measured against national standards, Bryanstonians consistently outperform expectation at GCSE, as they do also at A level.

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