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Always be kind.
If you see someone falling behind, walk beside them.
If someone is being ignored, find a way to include them.
If someone has been knocked down, lift them up. 
Always remind people of their worth.
Be who you needed when you were going through hard times.
Just one small act of kindness could mean the world to someone. 

"Christian inspiration and Christian ideals are fundamental to the Bryanston philosophy, but the school recognises that pupils may come from homes which follow other faiths or have no strong religious affiliation. The Chaplaincy is fully involved with the pastoral care of the community. 

Our aim is to offer pupils a regular experience of genuine, committed Christian worship, in which all are free to join. For many, this experience remains an enduring part of their time at Bryanston."

Find out more about our values and church services below.

Getting Involved

The Christianity Explored group meets each week to listen and talk about topical aspects of the Christian faith. Visiting speakers are invited and pupils are encouraged to question through informal chats. 

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St Martin's Church

The church building helps remind the community of the importance of spiritual continuity. Memorials recall the village’s war dead and the service of Arthur George Courtney, for 41 years verger of the church

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The Chapel

In the heart of the main school building sits St Anthony's chapel; a place of warmth and peace, regularly used by pupils for private prayer or simply as a place in which to be quiet.

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Connections with Other Faiths

The Chaplain at Bryanston has developed strong links with a number of representatives from other religions in the local community, helping the Chaplaincy to provide spiritual support for those who seek it. Each Sunday, pupils who wish to attend a Roman Catholic service are taxied to Our Lady of Lourdes & St Cecilia RC Church in Blandford. During the spring term we can arrange support for pupil interested in being confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church.

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Prayer Resources

See a list of external links to music, helpful advise and much more.

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Find out about our Christening services

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Find out about our Confirmation services

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