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Boarding and family life

Families on Speech Day

We find that pupils get the most out of their time at Bryanston when their families are also involved, and we actively encourage families to be a part of Bryanston life.

Parents can also benefit from the advantages of Bryanston’s idyllic Dorset location, enjoying the local coast and countryside as a family during open weekends.

With mobile phones and email, it is easy for pupils to stay in regular contact with their families. There are also plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved at school and support their children by attending plays or concerts, cheering on Bryanston teams on the sports fields, or sharing their experience and expertise at one of our careers events.

Staying in Touch

Just because your child is away at school doesn’t mean that you won’t know what is happening, and you can be reassured that you won’t lose contact with their personal or academic development. Through the Bryanston eChart, accessible online, you can see their marks and grades, and read comments from their teachers and tutors. Plus, it is easy to contact hsms and tutors via email. Few schools, if any can match Bryanston for the level of one-to-one attention we provide, which is at the heart of all we do. As such, tutors and hsms share responsibility for each child together with you, the parents, to make sure all pupils are happy and achieving their best. And, of course, direct contact with your child is easily maintained by mobile phone, email, visits to the school and some weekends home.

Dorset Weekends

Having a child at Bryanston provides your whole family with opportunities for weekend relaxation in one of the most unspoilt counties in the country. Dorset offers a different lifestyle. Accessible by motorways but without any motorway in the county itself, the pace of life is more leisurely while internet access to the world is fast. The county is low in air, noise and light pollution, skies are clear and accommodation is affordable. Using Bryanston as a base is a great way to get to know rural England. Dorset can become your home-away-from-home as you turn your weekends into proper down time with the family discovering the wild and beautiful Jurassic Coast, windsurfing in Poole Harbour or climbing the historic hillforts.

Opportunities for parents

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved in school life and we actively encourage you to do so. The Bryanston Parents’ Association organises events to welcome new parents, talks twice each year on topics of interest for parents, and workshops on teenage behaviours. The BPA also arranges an informal drinks party before parent-teacher meetings, which is a great time to meet the parents of your children’s friends. In recent years, the BPA has also organised occasional get-togethers in London. Parents are welcome to share the excitement of competition in sports matches on Thursday and Saturday afternoons, and to join in with the School’s celebration of the Eucharist in St Martin’s Church on Sunday mornings. Attendance at concerts and plays is also encouraged and much appreciated by pupils. Parents are invited to the School’s charity events and your contribution is valued in helping to make these occasions memorable for pupils, knowing that they are doing something to improve the lives of children both here in the UK and overseas. On open weekends you can meet with other parents in the café before watching a match or picking up your child for the weekend.