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At Bryanston, the development of the individual and the community are complementary. Boarding encourages pupils to become mature, caring and responsible adults who develop the key skills of tolerance, compassion, understanding and respect for others. Kindness is at the heart of everything we do.

Each boarding house is headed by a housemaster or housemistress (but known at Bryanston as a ‘hsm’), who takes a close interest in every pupil’s general progress and welfare. The hsm is at the centre of the pastoral care and they nurture the interests of each pupil, working together with the tutor (with whom pupils will have a one-to-one tutorial at least once a week) and parents to make sure each child is happy and achieving their best.

All hsms are supported in the house by a matron, live-in residents and a house team (made up of teaching staff) who help to supervise prep and bedtimes, as well as pupil heads of house and other house prefects. The pupils also have access to the school chaplain, who is resident on the site, the staff in the medical centre and school counsellors.

As one of the first fully coeducational boarding schools in the country, we understand the strengths and challenges of coeducation, and our boarding structures are designed in light of experience. All first year boys go into one of two junior houses, where they find their feet among their peer group and settle into the School before moving up to their senior house for the remaining four years; girls are in the same house throughout their time at School. We also know that for both boys and girls some requirements remain the same: developing the essential skills of getting along with other people, of making friends, of valuing the individual and the community to which all belong. These qualities are a natural part of being a member of Bryanston; all serve our pupils well at School and in the wider world.