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Benedictine rule for a new brother

Accept with gratitude the companions God gives you to go with you on the way. Your task is to serve and upbuild one another as members of one body.

Give instead of demanding, trust others instead of compelling their trust; serve instead of being served, bless instead of cursing. And be sure that when you have done all things well you will still be an unprofitable servant.

So be attentive to the others, not in order to dominate or exploit them but to work for their happiness discreetly and effectively and to build them up in all the riches of faith and love. And you accept from them the help you need.

Be thankful for the variety of gifts and difference of personality. When you put your own potential and insights at the service of the community, your unity will grow stronger and richer and together you will create the spaciousness which finds room for everyone.