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Why Bryanston? 

We provide every pupil with individual attention and support. The School's tailored approach means that pupils benefit from extensive one-to-one time with their tutor providing the academic and pastoral encouragement they need to achieve their full potential as individuals.

We believe pupils do best when they learn to relish every opportunity and discover their own individual talents and interests, exploring them to the best of their abilities. Pupils are encouraged to experience a wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities, all of which helps them to discover areas where they can flourish and excel.

Education is not about moulding, nor are children end products. We believe that education is an exciting process, organic and ongoing; that pupils learn better actively, growing up in secure surroundings, than if passively taught; that to lead successful lives, at school and beyond, each needs to be prepared to give of his or her own talents and to value those of others.

We encourage pupils to discover their individual talents and strengths, to explore these to the best of their abilities: we strive to give our pupils the ability to achieve remarkable things.

At Bryanston we make sure that individuals are understood and accepted and that each can contribute to the larger body of the house and then school. We want all our pupils to feel that they belong: that they are recognised and valued.

Our one-to-one approach goes some way to achieving this, but it is also the breadth and depth of opportunities available to pupils that help them to realise their full potential as an individual.


What makes our location special?

For many Old Bryanstonians the beauty of the campus figures vividly in their memory long after they have left. The surrounding area is also one of the most unspoilt counties in the country.

The scale of the grounds allows for a wide range of activities: extensive fields for games, a magical stretch of the River Stour for water sports. There is room for top-class facilities, from modern boarding houses to the remarkable Don Potter Art School, award-winning Sanger Centre for Science and Mathematics, and Tom Wheare Music School. The grounds also contain St Martin’s, formerly the village church and now our spiritual heart.

Our location provides less tangible benefits too. As adults we know that the quality of our working environment can have a profound impact on our productivity and well-being. The same is true of our children. Far removed from the noise and pollution of the city, and with everything our pupils need provided on site, Bryanston’s rural environment gives space for thinking, concentration and creativity.

Having a child at Bryanston provides your whole family with opportunities for weekend relaxation. Dorset offers a different lifestyle. Accessible by motorways but without any motorway in the county itself, the pace of life is more leisurely while internet access to the world is fast. Using Bryanston as a base is a great way to get to know rural England. Dorset can become your home away from home as you turn your weekends into proper ‘down time’ with the family.


Most families first visit the school as part of a small group on a Friday or Saturday morning. During the visit there will be a welcome from the Headmaster, a tour of the school by a pupil and an interactive session with a housemaster/housemistress to explore the academic and pastoral structures of the school. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the school better.