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Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is located at the heart of the Bryanston campus between the main school and the majority of the boarding houses and can treat a complete range of illnesses. It is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during term time by a highly competent and dedicated health care team of seven fully qualified nurses, two physiotherapists and an administrator. Doctors provide daily weekday surgeries and are available on call at all times. Their responsibilities are to maintain the highest standard of individual and group health and to treat sickness and injury.

School policy is for all new boarding pupils to have a medical with the school doctor in their first term in order to check and monitor their physical health and well being whilst at school.

To contact the Medical Centre, please call 01258 484621 or email


Caring for sick pupils

The Medical Centre houses 13 beds that are covered 24 hours a day. This allows sick children to be accommodated in comfortable surroundings by professional staff away from their boarding houses for short periods of time.


Our on-site full-time physiotherapy service has a specialist interest in sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Based in the Medical Centre Monday to Friday, our physiotherapists liaise closely with our doctors and nurses to ensure continuity of care. They work closely with the sports teams to provide pitch-side emergency first aid cover.


Services offered by the Medical Centre: 

Routine childhood immunisations

Asthma clinic

Travel clinic for vaccinations/malaria tablets etc.

Eating disorder advice

Sexual health clinic

Cardiac screening

Minor injuries clinic

Physiotherapy clinic

Emotional well being

Please note, dental requirements are not part of the Medical Centre service.

Physiotherapy Services Include: 

Injury assessment and management

Biomechanical injuries

Management of key conditions, low back pain, shoulder pain, anterior knee pain, ligament sprains etc

Post operative orthopaedic management


Personal medication

If your child is under sixteen years of age, it is school policy for all medication to be kept in the Medical Centre and dispensed as required or with the boarding house matron if appropriate and agreeable. Antibiotics and other medication required to be taken regularly, will be given at the nurse's discretion, usually a day's supply at a time for the D year group and two day's supply for C year group. Analgesics such as Paracetamol and Nurofen are available from the Medical Centre at surgery times unless in an emergency and Paracetamol can also be obtained from the house matron and/or housemaster/mistress.

Medical Officer

If you would like to contact the school medical officer during the school holidays, please contact:

Dr Rene Skule
Quarter Jack Surgery
Dorset, BH21 1AP

Tel. 01202 848264