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OB Rugby Club

The aim of the OB Rugby Club is to have regular fixtures throughout the year giving OBs the chance to mix with fellow ex-Bryanston rugby players and take part in matches against other old boys' sides. Everyone is welcome to join, whether as a player or a supporter. 

As well as matches, there will also be social gatherings throughout the year and details of events will be sent to all members in advance. If you are interested in joining this group, please email Sam Tonks, Alumni Relations Officer at with your contact details.  

We do hope you decide to join the OB Rugby Club as a great way to reconnect with OBs, rugby and Bryanston.


Friday 21 September - OB Rugby v Marlborough Malones at Rosslyn Park - Final score 36-22 to Marlborough

Saturday 27 October - OB Rugby v Sherborne Pilgrims: The Thomas Nelson Cup (H) - 2.30pm
Please join us at the Hawker Pavilion for afternoon tea and/or a beer after the match.

We hope you can join us at one of our fixtures coming up this term and if you would like to play for the OB team, please contact Sam at or 01258 484514.

Congratulations to the team for winning their first match in memory of Thomas Nelson

Final score against Sherborne Pilgrims: 29-7


OB Rugby Club Committee Members 

President: Huw Bennett (OB)
Chairman: Mike Pyrgos (Former staff)
Secretary: Sam Tonks (Current staff)

Committee members
Martin Bolton (OB and current staff)
Matt Dawson (OB)
Seb Lear (OB)
Mike Marsh (OB)
Mark Metcalfe (OB)
Tom Pain (OB)
Guy Ridley (OB)
Tom Smith (OB)
Tom Vaughan-Edwards (OB)
Archie Stead (OB)


Stay in touch and keep up to date with the OB Bryanston Rugby Club by joining the club's Facebook page