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Week 7: Pre-University Programme

The Pre-University Programme continued in Week 7 with a number of seminars, lectures and masterclasses for A2 pupils to attend.

Life Skills Masterclasses

Bella Eccles, Founder of Tinker Tailor, gave a talk to the A2s and A3s on how to make the most of a contact. Her overarching advice was that your network is the most important resource you have when looking for a job. She highlighted the importance of self-marketing and building relationships to give yourself a step up in the working world. By gathering and sharing information with those you meet you will be able to network successfully.

Sixth formers were then given a crash course in using LinkedIn for their online professional profile and in the website’s importance in providing company insights and a broad professional network for its users.

Pre-University Lectures

Week 7’s programme included a number of OBs leading lectures on a variety of topics. The Product Design Pre-University group were treated to the insight from OBs currently studying at university. Over 30 OBs volunteered their help in providing A2s with advice on how to succeed in their subject.

The Pre-University Science groups were fortunate to have Laura Marzolini (University of Bath) and Rupert Talfourd Cooke (Durham University) give lectures on the ‘The Hallmarks of Cancer’ and ‘Facial Recognition’ respectively. Laura and Rupert drew upon their research carried out while at university to highlight some of the more specific areas A2s could specialise in while doing their undergraduate degrees.