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Week 5: The Pre-University Programme continued

The Pre-University Programme continued in Week 5 with a number of seminars, lectures and masterclasses for A2 pupils to attend.

Life Skills Masterclasses

In the second week of the Pre-University programme, Ian Warwick, who is an education consultant for London Gifted & Talented, provided the A2s with some excellent advice on academic skills before many of them head off to university in September. He emphasised how in academic writing the type of language that you use is essential. Ian provided useful tips on what to do between now and the start of their Higher Education degrees. It is important that pupils engage with the current debates surrounding their chosen subject and find people who have a shared interest to discuss what they read, and to help them realise their true thoughts and opinions on a topic.

Pre-University lectures

This week also saw many OBs and former parents give lectures to A2s on a variety of topics. OB Brad Jarvis ran a seminar for A2 Biology and Medical pupils on his work with Xtreme Everest.

Professor Michael Winter (University of Exeter) spoke about ‘The Global Food Systems’ and the impact that Covid-19 will have on the UK.  

OB Dr Yu Kay Law (Indiana University East) gave a lecture on ‘Quantum Chemistry’.

OB Dr Tilly Collins (Imperial College London) led a session with A2 Geographers on ‘How urban green spaces can mitigate the effects of air pollution’.