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Kneeler project brings school community together

Bryanston pupils are busy creating new kneelers for St Martin’s Church, Bryanston. 

As part of their weekly activity sessions, D pupils are getting involved in Bryanston’s Kneeler Project, which is aiming to replace the old, plain kneelers in St Martin’s Church. Each week throughout this term a different group of pupils are getting together to learn cross stitch and add to the efforts of the previous group. The pupils are working on a number of different designs, many of them with a Christmas theme.

Staff and OBs are also getting involved in the project and a number of completed kneelers have already arrived. Rev’d Andrew Haviland said, “It is fantastic to see the whole school community, new and old, getting involved with the project.”

If you would like to find out more about the Kneeler Project or getting involved, please contact Primrose Campbell on