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The latest classroom technology at Bryanston ​

The Bryanston ICT Department have been using iBeacon technology in the classroom over the last term.

An iBeacon is a transmitter that can notify nearby iOS devices of its presence, prompting an iPhone or iPad to perform certain actions. Bryanston has been using iBeacons in conjunction with our eLocker software to direct pupils towards relevant learning material.

At Bryanston we started with two iBeacons and added resources to the eLocker to allow pupils to work through tasks independently and make progress at their own rate. This also allows more one-to-one time between teachers pupils, and helps to overcome the ‘information saturation’ barrier.

We now have four classrooms fully equipped with iBeacon technology.

The iBeacons project was initiated with Haileybury School in Australia to investigate what happens when we use new technology in the classroom. You can find out more about the Australian project and the benefits of iBeacons to pupils here: