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OB v OB Tennis 2017 was a real family occasion

On Saturday 19 August, OBs and their families arrived at Bryanston for this year’s OB v OB tennis tournament.

The weather was on our side for the tennis and we were delighted that all the OBs families had a chance to take part, which really made it a special Bryanston family occasion.  The players split into two teams and then paired up with a partner for the tournament, with each couple playing four games. Team two were the overall winners and congratulations to the following:

  • Howard (Hardy 1980)
  • Sheila (Purbeck 1985)
  • Toby (Shaftesbury 1994)
  • Dorian (Hardy 1986)
  • Janaki
  • Tati 

The tennis was followed by afternoon tea, which everyone enjoyed and even carried on into the early evening with the OBs reminiscing about their time at school.  Thank you to those who took part and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

You can see photos from the day here and please keep an eye on the OB tennis page for next year’s fixtures.