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KH assessment results - we bucked the trend

GL assessment, who are the leading provider for standardised assessments in the UK and internationally, have undertaken a huge study to investigate the impact of school closures on attainment.

They compared standardised scores in Maths, English and science from pre-Covid times to post-first lockdown, across all the schools who run their tests. For each assessment, pupils are awarded a ‘standardised age score’ or SAS. Generally, the SAS does not vary throughout the course of a child’s journey through school, as the scores are adjusted to reflect their age group. GL define that a change of greater, or less than, 3 SAS points is significant. 

Overall, they found that lockdown and school closures has had a significant negative effect on attainment, particularly in Maths and science. Interestingly, they found that girls had been affected to a greater degree than boys.

By using results from pupils who have sat the progress tests with us this academic year and last year, we have been able to analyse our own data in maths, science and reading to see how we compare. It is worth noting that our small class sizes can skew the data; to try and account for this we have shown the raw data as well as the results when each pupil in A1, Year 7/Alpha, Year 8 and B1, Year 5/A2, Year 6 are given an equal weighting. We were unable to use data from lower down in the school due to the small number of pupils who have done both test sittings.

  English Independent State Primary State Secondary KHS Average (A1 & Alpha) KHS Average (A2 & B1)
Maths -2.6 -6.6 -4.0 +0.21 ​+1.94 +0.58 ​+0.57
Science -5.3 -5.5 -3.0 +2.62 ​+4.82 +2.585 ​+2.57
Reading -2.1 -1.9 -0.5 ​+0.81 +0.81 ​+4.25 +3.86

Overall, we have can see that our pupils’ attainment in maths, science and reading has not been significantly affected by the first school closure. We have performed very well when compared to both independent and state schools.

On average pupils at Knighton House have an SAS of +5.05 in maths and science combined when compared to other Independent schools in England, +7.94 compared to state primaries and +4.91 when compared to state secondaries. In reading, pupils at KHS have and average score of +4.435 compared to independent schools, +5.76 compared to state primaries and +1.31 compared to state secondaries.

Knightonians have continued to develop their skills throughout lockdown and have performed substantially better than both the state and the independent sector as a whole. This is important evidence not just of the success of the online programme but also of the KED curriculum that it delivered.