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Safer Internet Day at Bryanston

On Tuesday Bryanston marked Safer Internet Day 2015 in school by encouraging all pupils to think about their actions online and how they can ensure their own personal internet safety, as well as that of others.

This is the second year that Bryanston pupils have got involved in Safer Internet Day and, as well as work completed in PSRE and ICT lessons, pupils also heard from expert speaker Karl Hopwood and Dorset Safe School Team. The younger pupils learnt about the laws surrounding internet use, as well as the consequences of breaching them, while the older pupils looked at the risks of internet, social media sites, interviewing and banking in preparation for when they leave school.

Throughout the week there has been a display in the Main School with information for pupils on how to stay safe online, including what to do if they experience or witness cyber bullying.

Jo Simpson, Head of PSRE at Bryanston, said, “It’s important that pupils understand that while the internet is incredibly useful, it does also have its downsides. We hope that the activities taking place this week have equipped pupils with the information they need to stay safe online, as well as showing them what to do if they do experience any problems.”