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Science Society speakers present their research

Gold CREST Award winners Harry M and Eric L, presented their research and findings at the most recent Science Society lecture.

The first speakers at the Science Society meeting of 9 October were Harry M and Eric L. Having just obtained their Gold CREST Awards for scientific research, they presented their research and findings to the audience.

Their research looked at the aetiology of depression, focusing on the 5-HTT gene, neurodevelopment and Beck’s cognitive theorem. They explored the contradictory interaction between the 5-HTT gene and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and how complex the relationship between each risk factor of depression can be. Apart from researching literature, they also undertook an experiment investigating mood congruent memory, which is linked to cognitive theory.  

Congratulations to Harry and Eric on an interesting presentation that showed the breadth and depth of their research.